9th December 2011

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The People’s Convention of Florida: HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND!



An Occupy Florida Event | 
On November 5, 2011, Occupy Orlando reached consensus at its General Assembly to begin the process of hosting a Founders-style People’s Convention in Orlando with delegates from the local Occupations of Florida. At present, our political and economic systems favor the interests of corporations and lobbyists over those of the common citizen. Corruption is endemic; politicians have failed us. We the People are gathering together as Occupy Florida to decide what changes we wish to see at the state level.

The People’s Convention of Florida is unaffiliated with any political or special interest groups. A majority of local Florida Occupations have agreed by consensus to support the Convention. To ensure that this is an inclusive conversation, delegates will be anyone from each local Occupation who wants to join us as well as members of the general public who wish to attend.

We will convene the weekend of December 9-11, 2011 to develop a list of desired changes that will resonate with any ethical person. On January 10, 2012, the first day of the Florida legislative session, we will march on Tallahassee to deliver The People’s Plan directly to the State Capitol.

Reclaim your voice. Let’s make the pursuit of happiness possible again.

Further details will be released soon.

Add your Area or RSVP to this event at: rsvp@peoplesconventionofflorida.org

You can also RSVP via Event Brite at: pcof.eventbrite.com

Below are listed the areas that have confirmed their interest/attendance to the People’s Convention of Florida

1. Occupy Orlando

2. Occupy Bradenton

3. Occupy Tampa

4. Occupy Key West

5.  Occupy Sarasota

6.  Occupy St. Pete.

7. Occupy Miami

8. Occupy Daytona

9. Occupy Naples

10. Occupy Tallahassee

11. Occupy Palm Beach

12. Occupy St. Augustine

13. Occupy Space Coast

14. Occupy Jacksonville

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